Mushroom Risotto

The Chef Mansour Master Cooking Class with Radio Shoma.

Take your cooking skills to the next level. Chef Mansour invites you into his kitchen at Enigma Restaurant in Plazzo Versace Dubai to teach you the techniques that have earned him Michelin Star. An impressive online experience which gives you the opportunity to learn cooking world class dishes from Michelin Starred Chef Mansour Memarian , designed exclusive for you in Farsi. Every dish is created by him for you to be able to make the same at home for your Iftar or dinner later on. سر آشپز معروف منصور معماریان دارنده ستاره بین المللی میشلین از رستران انیگما در هتل پلازو ورساچی دبی شما را به آشپزخانه خود دعوت می کند آموزش پخت غذاهای بین المللی قدم به قدم با منصور معماریان برای افطار و یا شام لیست مواد لازم را در انتهای ویدیو خواهید دید #mansourmemarian #enigma #plazzoversace #mastercookingclass #shomakitchen #michelinstar

Posted by Radio Shoma 93.4 - Official on Sunday, May 17, 2020