ChatGPT will create more jobs, not take yours, says Sam Altman


Sam Altman, CEO OpenAI, has reassured future generations that they needn't fear if ChatGPT will take away their jobs. Instead, it will "create endless opportunities".

Speaking via video link at the World Governments Summit in Dubai, the ChatGPT founder insisted that ChatGPT, and other technology, will not be taking jobs away.

“Young people are incredibly lucky, they are coming of age at the best time in human history," he said. "Young people will be able to use these tools in ways the generation before couldn’t even imagine. They can have their entire careers created thanks to ChatGPT and new technology.”

Altman also highlighted how the UAE would be the best place for world leaders to discuss the implementation of global systems surrounding the next generation of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

He said if he was to swap roles with Omar AlOlama, UAE's Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications, for a day, he would bring world leaders to the country to discuss the future of AGI, as it is best placed to host such an event for "a bunch of reasons". 

"We are going to need some sort of global system for what happens with the most powerful systems, because they will have a truly global impact, and what sort of auditing, safety, measures do we want in place before we deploy a super intelligence, or AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) and for a bunch of reasons the UAE would be so well set up to be a leader in the discussions around that. I would host a one-day conference with leaders around the world to brainstorm about that.”

The statement was met with a round of applause by the packed audience listening live to the Q&A, as Al Olama nodded in approval and said, "Let's do it".


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