Dubai Airports back to normal operations


Dubai International Airport (DXB) has restored normal operations and returned to its normal flight schedule after last week's record rains disrupted services.

DXB has started to operate around 1,400 flight movements a day, Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports confirmed.

In a statement, he said the "roads in and around the airport (are) 100 per cent clear of water accumulation, (and the airport's) manpower, logistics and facilities are operating as usual again".

As many as 2,155 flights were cancelled and 115 were diverted, of which 31 to Dubai World Central (DWC) during this period.

"While certain challenges remain, including processing the baggage backlog, we’re working closely with our service partners but know there’s still more work to be done," added Griffiths. 

Travellers are advised to head to their terminal only three hours ahead of their departure time to avoid unnecessary congestion and facilitate smoother operations.

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