Dubai Municipality initiates pest control strategies following storms


Dubai Municipality has intensified its efforts to control pests that endanger public health through comprehensive strategies and programs, such as chemical, physical, and biological control methods, with a focus on curbing the spread of mosquitoes.

Adel Al Karrani, Director of the Public Health Services Department in Dubai Municipality, stated that the Municipality’s teams have been working around the clock to control the spread of mosquitoes across all residential, commercial, and industrial areas, water bodies, parks, markets, drainage areas, and numerous other locations in Dubai.

“Dubai Municipality has successfully carried out extensive disinfection and sterilization operations after the rainstorm during the end of April." Al Karrani said.

"Focused on 102 water collection sites and over 75,000 drainage outlets, these campaigns seek to control the breeding of mosquito larvae. Bacterial capsules are being used for larval control, alongside spray and smoke pesticides for adult mosquitoes. Furthermore, mosquito traps have been strategically placed, along with the application of 511 liters of liquid pesticides and 391 kilograms of solid pesticides.” He added.

The Director of the Public Health Services Department emphasised the use of eco-friendly pesticides, which are applied in accordance to carefully designed action plans and control strategies, ensuring comprehensive coverage to control mosquito spreading effectively.

Dubai Municipality also distributed guidelines to Municipality-approved and licensed contracting companies, outlining the necessary procedures for implementing the pest control measures to be carried out.

Besides regular field inspection at construction sites, the Municipality has also intensified its efforts to control the spread of insects and mosquitoes by implementing strategic plans in partnership with relevant government entities.

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