Expo City to host UAE Union Day's official ceremony

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The organising committee of the 52nd UAE Union Day, also known as National Day, has unveiled details of the official ceremony scheduled for December 2.

The ceremony, which will be held at Expo City Dubai, will weave an inspiring narrative of unity and collective action as it highlights the UAE’s sustainability journey from its union in 1971 to the present day.

Coinciding with COP28 and the Year of Sustainability, the event will feature innovative technologies and breathtaking projections portraying the UAE’s rich heritage and the connecting threads of unity and sustainability across history, symbolised through various elements of 'Sadu' weaving.

Al-Sadu is a traditional weaving technique of the UAE and is central to Bedouin culture.

Starting at the roots of Emirati culture and heritage, the Union Day show will illustrate the legacy of the ancestors and the relationship between tradition and technology, reflecting the shared commitment to nurturing and preserving our interconnected world.

Through captivating performances and deep storytelling, the show will shed light on the UAE’s vision of a sustainable future.

The official ceremony will be broadcast live on December 2 on all local TV channels, as well as on the official website www.UnionDay.ae.

UAE citizens and residents will have the chance to attend the public ceremony from December 5-12, where they can witness the captivating performances and enriching narrative about the UAE’s sustainability journey.

More information on the tickets will be announced soon.

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