Over four million counterfeit goods seized by UAE authorities in 2024


Goods worth over 5.4million dirhams were found in 13 separate instances by Dubai Customs in the first three months of the year. In total, the department has handled 62 cases of intellectual property disputes since the turn of the year.

The figures were revealed as Dubai Customs celebrated World Intellectual Property Day, which saw the participation of key figures including Yousef Al-Hashimi, (Acting) Executive Director, Customer Management Division, along with representatives from partners in intellectual property rights protection.

Attendees also included various executive directors and department managers from Dubai Customs.

Collaborating with trademark owners, Dubai Customs organised workshops to combat new counterfeiting methods, engaging 92 participants, including inspectors and specialists. Community awareness events on intellectual property reached 6064 participants, complemented by six awareness sessions in schools and universities attended by 309 participants.

Notably, the launch of Dubai Customs' Intellectual Property Award for Schools and Universities 2023-2024 coincided with these efforts, recognising outstanding achievements.


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