Stranded hiker rescued from Hatta mountains


A tourist who suffered severe exhaustion and high blood pressure while hiking in the Hatta mountains, has been airlifted to safety by Dubai Police.

The rescue operation was prompted by an emergency alert received by the police, who dispatched a helicopter equipped with a medical team.

The authority said that the British national was in urgent need of aerial evacuation due to the challenging terrain, which would have taken around four hours to descend on foot.

"Despite the rugged mountain terrain, the helicopter managed to reach the tourist after being provided with precise coordinates by the Brave Squad using advanced aerial navigation systems," said Pilot Colonel Ali Al Muhairi, Director of the Dubai Police Air Wing Centre.

Lieutenant Muhammad Obaid Al Kaabi, Head of the Brave Squad, added that the squad used drones with thermal imaging to reach the hiker, who was found unable to walk due to severe exhaustion and high blood pressure.

After providing first aid, the tourist was airlifted to Hatta Hospital for further treatment.

Dubai Police's Brave Squad, which was established in Hatta in 2018, is equipped with hi-tech mechanical devices, modified vehicles for mountainous terrain, as well as heavy equipment and drones to enhance their emergency response capabilities.


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