UAE allocates 70% of pledge to humanitarian crisis

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The UAE allocates 70% of its $100 million pledge to Sudan and neighbouring countries in efforts to alleviate the humanitarian crisis.

Since the start of the humanitarian crisis the UAE has been one of the leading contributors of humanitarian assistance to Sudan and Africa. 

The UAE established an air bridge with Sudan and neighbouring Chad to provide support and aid to the Sudanese people, so far providing $130 million in humanitarian aid, and 9,500 tonnes of food and medical supplies through the operation of 148 relief planes. In addition to dispatching a ship carrying approximately 1,000 tonnes of urgent relief supplies.

The UAE’s allocation aims to address the crisis and prevent further deterioration of the humanitarian situation and the imminent risk of famine in Sudan as well as providing food and health services, livelihood support, emergency shelter and the protection of women.

Her Excellency Reem bint Ibrahim Al Hashemi, Minister of State for International Cooperation, said: 

“The aid provided to Sudan and neighbouring countries by the UAE reflects the unwavering commitment of the country’s leadership to provide humanitarian and relief support to the brotherly Sudanese people, to address humanitarian challenges and continuously extend assistance and support to Sudan."

Her Excellency also added: "The UAE built two field hospitals in the Chadian cities of Amdjarass and Abéché to support the brotherly Sudanese people. The hospitals’ care is extended to all civilians in need, regardless of nationality, age, gender, or political association. The number of patients treated at the hospital in Amdjarass since its establishment has reached 29,378”

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