UAE court sets verdict date for terror case involving 84


The verdict in a case involving 84 people charged with establishing and managing a terrorist organisation in the UAE, is set to be delivered on July 10.

The Abu Dhabi Federal Court of Appeal's State Security Chamber announced the date following a 10-day window granted to defence lawyers to submit their closing arguments.

Eighty-four defendants are accused of establishing and managing a clandestine terrorist organisation in the UAE known as the 'Justice and Dignity Committee'.

The charges against them include planning terrorist acts, fundraising for the organisation and concealing the source and destination of those funds.

In yesterday's session, attended by the defendants' families and media representatives, the court heard defence lawyers’ pleas and their response to the public prosecution.

During the three-hour session, the court also heard the defendants' own pleadings. They argued that the charges against them were invalid and that the case could not be considered because it had been previously adjudicated in a ruling in a previous case.

The defendants also questioned the evidence presented by the public prosecution, including investigations, technical, financial and media reports.

The court then decided to set a date of July 10 to deliver the verdict in the case.

The prosecution reaffirmed its position that the current charges are materially distinct from those in the prior case number 79 of 2012, as they involve "demonstrably criminal actions".

Notably, the financing of a terrorist organisation was not encompassed in the previous trial, the prosecution argued.

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