UAE Floating Hospital continues to treat Gaza residents


The UAE Floating Hospital in Al Arish, Egypt, continues to support and care for Palestinian residents of Gaza with surgical, therapeutic, and humanitarian aid being given to patients affected by the conflict.

The medical facility has specialists in anesthesiology, general surgery, orthopedics, emergency, intensive and internal care, along with nurses, technicians, and hospital management professionals providing comprehensive care.

Since its inception, the UAE Floating Hospital has performed 328 surgeries and is currently housing 153 patients.

Established through a collaboration between the Ministry of Defence and Abu Dhabi Ports Group, the facility has state-of-the-art equipment and a capacity of 100 patient beds as well as offering accommodation for families.

The facility also has advanced surgical and intensive care units, emergency services, radiology, and support facilities, including laboratories and pharmacies. Two ambulances are available for urgent care and critical cases, supplementing the Emirati field hospital in Gaza.

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