UAE National Day: Guidelines issued for decorating cars

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Motorists have been reminded to stick to the December 6 deadline while decorating their cars with decals to mark the country's 51st National Day, or risk a fine.

Taking to their official social media handles, Abu Dhabi Police said drivers will be allowed to decorate their cars from November 25 to December 6.

Residents have also been reminded to celebrate responsibly by following the guidelines set by the authorities.

  • Do not block the vehicle's number plates or obstruct the view of the driver with the decorations
  • Do not change the original colour of the car, nor modify the engine
  • Do not cover the windows and windshields with stickers or sunshades
  • Do not participate in "marches and random gatherings"
  • Do not spray confetti or paint at people
  • Do not write "phrases or place inappropriate stickers on the vehicle"
  • Do not carry more than the permitted number of passengers
  • Do not let passengers sit on the vehicle's windows or sunroof
  • Do not block or disrupt traffic
  • Do not drive recklessly driving on internal and external roads

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