UAE President praises Armed Forces on 48th Unification Day

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President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan has issued a statement to the UAE Armed Forces expressing his thanks and appreciation as the nation celebrates the 48th anniversary of the unification of the UAE Armed Forces.

The statement read:

‘’May 6th is one of the most revered and enduring days in the history of the UAE. On this day in 1976, one of the most important decisions of the nation was made to unify our armed forces. This decision strengthened the Union and reinforced the pursuit of national cohesion by the UAE’s Founding Father and his fellow rulers, may God bless them.

"On this precious occasion, I extend my best regards and appreciation to all members of our armed forces across various branches, and I thank them, offer my support, and value their contributions, dedication, and steadfastness in upholding the nation’s progress in diverse fields. I also commend the values they champion, all of which represent our dear nation, particularly in their efforts to assist the needy and support those afflicted in disaster and crisis areas.

"On this day, we pray for mercy for our honourable fallen heroes who gave their lives in defence of the UAE and its values and continue to serve as exemplars of patriotism and sacrifice.

"Our armed forces will remain a shield for the nation, a protector of development, and a pillar of progress in the UAE.’’

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